by Cutter

Chummer, I used to live in Chiba city; used to hit decks to fly through the neurotic neon netspace that'd foam at the mouth, see cowboys turn necrotic, fingers like spiders, like octopi, like madgodz of the forgotten underworld, under-conscious, brain-mesh fried from reverse-jolt, speed pills, just watchin', watchin' the vistas, colors beyond the eye-limit, connected in constantly, perpetually, eternal, into the liquid electric life voltage surging through atrophy veins light of the crystal plugged, hooked, jacked into your brain-mush, straight to the cortex, cerebellum, cerebrum, that becomes = the matrix, the web, the Net, then shot out, unwanted fetus, a cumshot, shat from the silver highway, into the pork, the flesh, the meat world, back into the bottom of stale beer foam at the lowest part of glass, cherry burning my fingers, so long out of the flesh and back into the meat, feeling again, the meatworld, warm, drunk, tired, a deathwish on my breath, hustle, bustle, of crowds, crammed into sharp spaces between sharp eyes, knives, words, drunk and stumbled, hustled by cheap hookers, buyers and sellers, stench of yourself, cheap tobacco, cheap beer, cheap Chinese perfume, cheap Chinese women, every night, drunk to the gills a bath of cheap cheap cheap cheap whiskey and soda water crushed under those 4 pack of the Seven Stars pulled from a sweaty pocket, hidden in a smoldering sock, one in my ear, at the arcade, trying to reclaim old madness, cause the liver is shot, no more pills, can't get drunk enough, lusting for the luster of the web, the spider's web, old days can't return, dip the dip and split through more crowds, on the street, dark and wet like my eyes, and watch the glisten, seven samurai cut, silver flashes, through some poor street mage, couldn't pay me enough for that corporate run, sold my soul too in a different manner, lost most soul to be correct to the electric goddess, godless, god-miss? fried my brain-mad with the speed and the booze and the net, fingers rusty and aching, liver on file in the morgue, crack the wall, beyond the unseen and unseeable, brain melted by black ice


Oh how I failed attempt fled  when chaired, chained, parted, remote alphabet at my tip, into the Online, Net, Vampire Electric, Dope

How weak is the flesh, frail, fragile shaking, without liquor power speed honey blow blood leash, that hot white line in front of your eyes data endless from east to west, from your balls to toe  tow it 2 yr brayn conscious blood sack of Thor's piss, better than Jupiters rod in ya floppy, RAM maxed maxed RAM, breathe the door, the wall the fort the curse of that mind all numbers and mine all gelatinous and electrified with E-locker, got gassed with my sleep, not real sleep no, just back to meat man body on fire baby, SN black hole at one end, that white fucking line, like a dome-connect wire, your death on one and your nostrildumbass on the other direct line to the line flood of false future phantasyz


In meat, the meat, THEE MEAT MEATMATEATE'M well now meeting the meat for a long time no C an' apart numb dumn and nois t' meecha, fakin bleach white from no sun, sun beam bone on baby glass, direct-line born a creature of the night <drac> <nos>  d:/

Feel like another hand, dagger, rapier, laser, bleeding silver tama shoot rapid fast like whisper, mechanism the chill cold colour grey of steel sewn into muscle, fiber, sinew and neuron, drill directly into the feels the feel-place, your head, never yay noddin-noggin, mind-control center, command-space, EMERGENCY it controls the bone and tendon now , stand bye nau for an sudden immediate skill implant, face or exile but with memories far fleeting. too weak to learn myself, needed more nummers, yeah mate, DAT shit shop sold home made pure X power, but back the drill here,  lets rubs and rapes steel and sand wire that objects the de flowing of mental virginity  unity I SAW DEATH and he was from the back of a turtle. 


To creative energies spill from jagged wounds of for-bidden deathlife while silicon lightning ionic impulses flow

And flood until the train materials of deep dead discarded  cells, 

Again in the flesh wherein all weakness lies

Lay lie I into the board, ROM loaded, chips in and up

Set free the soul on the Net where the new Cowboys

Apprentice to master in the frontier blood for steel 

Silicon for grey matter where the rotten core of the brain pulses

Plume the bleeding heart of Dracula enshrouded in his devil castle = it's the black ice that fried my brain, young fucked up and crazyed brazen and balled 


Rock like a r co that throws Cutter hey Cutter it's happening all around you it's there thur three Cutter ah ur awake alone alert now? Thought you dropped the last chip mate burned the last cell outta yr battery fuckin dead shut man fuckingcucking don't know it's like well you just sat there and shook radiating radiation like a chernobyl and I watch you I followed that with nothing in my hands but grain alcohol to clean the wounds all the suffering my biggest wound being the eye and I mean the minds eye that I used to lose myself and the feeling of my body let my mind go and truly be free, screen mask, booze eyes, smoke crystal head knifes into my processing center blow out with the endless cryptic burst of alien impulses bread from suffering good and Net rape, what it did to my mind, finding into the deserts scalping the top of a small head shaved into shining diamond harder than cheap cheap cheap whiskey but it's black diluted by soda and the crushed ice that sets the inside, center; outside and moisture my palms the only I can't get while I glance down at Chiba city, lust hiring in my heart: drug list find lust , drunklust, convolust, in my blood, smokelust, drug, woman, fear, song, my destruction cause I couldn't find the gate the way back into that yawning abyss, my heart and the Net just the same = black dead and infinite yet pure alive and now; oi!

U lissin chum?