Thank you for contacting The New York Times. We appreciate your business and are always happy to help

Alisha B:
Thank you for contacting The New York Times. My name is Alisha, how can I help you today?

Don Jolly:

I'm canceling my subscription
 sorry to see they require you counsel me first
 that's a new development
do you know when the Times started doing this?

Are you employed by them directly or are you a contractor?
 sorry I'm just curious

Alisha B:

Yes I do work for The New York Times and no unfortunately I don't know when we started doing that, but may I ask what prompts you to want to make these changes?

Don Jolly:

by changes you mean cancelling my subscription

Alisha B:

Don Jolly:

 well let's see
 I think the Times has grown increasingly laughable and desperate in its reporting over the course of this year
 plus it's extremely easy to steal
 its only use seems to be selling wine clubs and bespoke suits to an audience of rapidly aging baby boomers and I don't need to pay to watch that particular farce
 please cancel my subscription so I may do my small part to assist in its precipitous and inevitable collapse as both a business and cultural institution

Alisha B:
We do value your feedback and I will get this passed along for you. Alright, I have processed your request. Keep in mind you are able to have a copy of this transcript emailed to you at the end of this chat. Thank you for being the best part of The New York Times, have a wonderful day.

Don Jolly:

 I would love a transcript actually

Alisha B:
You are so welcome. Once the chat ends there will be a survey. Within the survey it will ask you do you want a copy of the transcript emailed to you and you will click yes.

Don Jolly:


Alisha B:
You are welcome.


Thank you for chatting with us.
the background image for this page
was taken from a mugshot newspaper
called Crime Times printed
somewhere in the south,
America's REAL
'paper of record'