aaaaMother's Meat
First Print Issue   //   Fall 2017 // IN STOCK!

More than two years in the making, Dagger's first print issue features 112 pages of pure agent orange provided by the best artists and writers in the world. Featuring the Dagger interview of director John Carpenter, the sin-obsessed art of William Burroughs, paintings by Billy Norrby, drawings by Matt Rota and Max McDermott, comics by Matt James, Doug Skinner, Don Jolly and Io Perl-Strahan, Max Roderick's KILLDOZER -- a volume of poetry -- and an exclusive short story from Micah Blacklight!

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Sword of Trump
dagger #2   //   march  2017

the savage true tale of a wandering swordsman named Trump, and a fateful duel at the Kotoro fencing school. Trump is opposed by Tokomora Genji, the spoiled son of the school's venerable master. a tale of men and women, steel and lace, truth, politics and, at the end, Dragon Ball Z. written entirely by don jolly, sword of trump is responsible for alienating pretty much everyone who's ever read it, especially women. which makes it a pretty good summation of the 2016 election

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqGod is Real
dagger #1   //   january 2017

The first issue of Dagger... this one is mostly put together with stuff from the MDE subreddit. Features a lost interview with comedian Charls Carrol, a popular essay about an unpopular journalist named Joe Bernstein, Max Roderick's theological short story about cactuar, and a an assortment of other things written during the heady days of the 2016 meme war.

Featuring: Don Jolly, Max Roderick, Charls Carrol
Dark Valley (2/17/17)