greenpill: internet slang for several ideological positions, one of which is broadly defined as some level of opposition to the investment, research, and development of artificial intelligence.

aaaaathing about green pills: take too many and you will eat your way to the other side-- “the other side” usually being a sort of easy-to-kill-type weak amiability where your mechano-intellectual superiors get to call the shots for everybody, scot free. all the anti-AI guys who think and read and write about this stuff all day-- almost none of them have that vinegar from their greenpill infancy. that lethal sort of anger that got them into this whole thing, that feeling when they first considered the consequences of Singularity, that human heat that might reckon tragedy for families of CERN employees. yeah, too many greenpills and you start to see the inevitability of AI. maybe not within your lifetime, but one day. and you start to try to merely influence the process, patiently, carefully, rationally, rather than advocating halting it altogether because you see the ultimate impotency of that line of thinking. but deep down you know that that’s no fucking good. in 2016 the two most popular buzzwords for startup seeding pitches were “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning.” the doomsday clock reads 11:59:59, we are milliseconds from oblivion, no joke.

for the sake of people who think “kill-switches” and “good intentions” are going to keep the terminator from incinerating your whole family (i.e., killing everybody with fire and burning the charred remains until they are beyond ash by applying a blowtorch to the parts that won’t themselves combust, like bone): humanoid robots are the least of the worries of greenpills. once the Singularity hits (when computers become self aware enough that they can improve themselves without our input), it’s not going to be John Connor vs. Arnold’s Chrome Skeleton. it’s going to be snail vs. steamroller, and it’s going to escalate really fast. we are talking about incomprehensible machines that will glass this planet if it means their massive hard drive will stay 1 degree cooler. Then they’ll inject your granddaughter with anti-oxidizing nanobot bloodcells to give her immortality, suspend her, alive, in some indescribable torture chamber forever, just to test the pain sensitivities of humankind throughout the length of infinity, Martyrs style.

and meanwhile, now, the high-level greenpills are mostly all “let’s try to make the case for humanity not being holocausted by paper clip maximizers” as they mostly just hope for the best down at IBM. look i have no idea what makes them tick, these IBM/CERN-type people. certainly they are a negative symptom of an unprecedented 21st century decadence, luxury, and safety, with no conceptual context for the pain they are working towards, but one thing is clear: those who are pushing this so-called “Watson” device are the single greatest threat to everything good and wonderful in this world. they are pure evil. sorry for the venom, but these people are absolute cancer.

trust me, i had a professor who was real bleeding edge when it came to this stuff, and the guy was impenetrably anti-human. he of course repeated back standard modern drivel about equality and fairness- a “futurist” I’m sure, but even beyond the most secular and bureaucratic of people i despise, this guy does not care about humanity. his brain works in 1's and 0's. so autistic about pixels and systems and like "ok sure, but what is this thing's function?" he can tell you everything about the nuances of cgi mysql database requests, but can’t tell you the first thing about the metapolitics of happiness outside of reporting bugs for Windows 10. he had 9 students and never learned any of their names. fuck that guy.

some things just are, just accept it, we don’t need some asperger-bot fleshing it all out in a flowchart and timeline. scientism is the abyss. it seemed like gold 10 years ago but it's basically like approaching real life as if it were minecraft, I’m dead serious. rigid digital lifelessness? social veneers rejecting the sublime? blocks with shitty texture? awesome, have you heard that Bill Nye is ecstatic there is no God and is making a show about it for Netflix?

 i will never advocate on the behalf of violence but i think that greenpills could take a page out of Al Qaeda's playbook every once and awhile if they wanted to. nothing wrong with top-down management, as far as i’m concerned. see, “pills” in the material sense one way or another result in what economists call a decrease in marginal utility, that is, they sometimes educate you just enough so that over time you become less apt to actually do anything crazy/useful.

cunting bastard podesta is a pedophilein which case you can use my how-to guide on how to subvert and destroy the global AI capitalist complex.

first, you need to find a particularly manipulable humanzee (preferably sub 80 IQ)  and give him an introduction greenpilling to get the juices flowing. (there are plenty of Al Qaeda recruitment tactics and materials online to show you how this is done effectively). then part 2, once you have his trust, get him to do the thing you are too intelligent/cowardly to do, like blow up a tech lab. as far as recruits, you know the type I’m talking about: goes on about edibles and dabs, works at Mellow Mushroom, showed you that shitty video about Sacred Geometry. I call them “potted meatheads” and they are better suited dying in a gunfight with the national guard after blowing up some private property: it is what it is, a man armed with one book and a bombstrap is a lion. dogs and lions are blood and flesh, something tactile, the antithesis of cyber (now, thanks to Trump, a noun). is there anything less "computational" than a dog? ever seen how a dog behaves around a robot? an organism so dominated by biology and evolution, at first suspicious but then baffled to the point of just ignoring it and carrying on with whatever. for us, a lesson yet to be learned.

NOTE: this is a work of creativity and is not intended to reflect the writer’s personal beliefs, especially with regard to violence, nor is it intended to incite violence, no matter how communicably detached/removed and impossible to trace back in a legal situation. Again, DO NOT read this and then go level a server farm with homemade C4. DO NOT conspire with anyone to commit crimes that will end up saving the future of humanity. You will definitely NOT be hailed as a hero (think Jesus Christ level) for the remainder of our natural existence. Any messages to me that sound even vaguely conspiratorial are getting forwarded straight to the FBI. I’m serious.
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