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Matthew H. James
and Don Jolly


you know the wrestler jimmy superfly snuka?

popular WWF guy

fun character, loved by all

signature move was doing a kind of crush move on opponent's head

the coconut crusher

all good except while they were on the road jimmy would pick up prostitutes and crush their heads with an after-hours unlicensed crusher

he would be in prison for being a multiple murderer

but, ironically, rowdy roddy piper hit him in the head with a real coconut and rendered him mentally incompetent


was having trouble getting even the shittiest of jobs here so i went to a temp agency and got a job as a trucker's assistant for pepsi

thats cool like delivery trucks?

yeah, like the local distribution trucks
from the warehouse to all of the gas stations and walgreens of north-central new mexico it was kinda of a nightmare, but also kind of interesting to do for 2 months

illuminating in weird ways to a certain kind of life

the hours were brutal
4am to 4-6pm stuck with some whiney ass trucker the whole time

truckers, it turns out, are a complainey bunch and a pretty often openly racist
According to film friends teamsters are also known for being whiney.

So maybe it's just part of the culture

that's interesting. I guess union guys are supposed to be like that in general

4am to 4-6pm is nuts at least 12 hour shift every day? does it all depend on traffic?

partially. but more so how many stops are on our agenda and how many crates we have
and if we get held up by asshole receivers that make us walk everything in or something

there's actually a lot of variables, but the details are not very interesting

I find all jobs interesting its like seeing parts of the body's nervous system;
the civillizational body

yeah, i do too

i definitely learned things about how our society works that i never thought about before

Like how the greater abq area is probs gonna run out of pepsi products soon because the distributor is terribly managed and they lose a driver a week


I make horror orientated artwork these days. On Tumblr! You have to look it up, but you can buy it. I'm a horror film maker too, though I don't remember much these days Im sorry. Sick in the head these days a genius makes me sad. Paint all this magic, all this horror: paint the world the way it is, sick and insane and now Im the loony!


lets go to the wrestling show sounds funn
then we'll drink drano. more funn
"FUNN TALES" like Tales from the Crypt

everybody laughs and cheers at DRANOSLAM
I saw a vid on the TV

of oprah celebrating wonder woman day
she had a nice doll and some armlets and was like YAY female role model
an actual, living (if dumb) female role model is still kowtowing to and revering an imaginary one invented ~50 years ago by a man
L o l

yeah legit

literal brand worship
moloch whose blood is pure machinery

Those who sharpen the teeth of the dog
meaning Death
Those who glitter with the glory of the hummingbird
meaning Death
Those who sit in the sty of contentment,
meaning Death
Those who suffer the ecstasy of the animals,
meaning Death

I step backstage at E3 2017.
Todd Howard is hiding in the dark, like a little bitch, and I find him with my shotgun. 
In an act of final embarrassment I shoot him in the groin, so he will bleed out slow 
I force him to pay me 10$ for the headshot that will kill him quickly
I lean down to whisper in his ear
“DLC,” I say

I did have this "Digital Humanities" professor who was seriously messed up. He was an ex-Vancouver tech start-up guy who ended up in academia in America (probably because he had no good ideas). He was working on some lame VR project for the university that looked like an NES Power Glove made out of pipe cleaners and masking tape. I don't want to be too specific, but he was really in to cartographic HUD technology and was convinced that pop-ups and notifications on real life objects like monuments and businesses via something like Google Glass were the next big thing. So, very pro-hell.

And he was probably right. He had that "good citizen" thing down and had pivoted somewhat to being about "the greater good," but I think he was a really bitter guy, confused in general and angry at the world for not letting him make it in the marketplace.


I was going through my writings to get something for a job and stopped at reading reading Kaspar find himself through a table all the while listening to Artuad scream about shit and existence and nonsense and morphine screaming and I came here to see something that became your reply and well that stream of conscious mind vomit just was too much and I was so feeling something that I just laughed not knowing if it was the coffee or the tobacco that was smoking. Sometimes possibly definitely in some time writing and thinking are not that different and the idea sentiment put a word here comes out and well...it comes out. As for Satan, I'm sure that he enjoys being you and everyone else because it's the bottom of the brain right? Feast, fuck run kill, all those things right? Survival? Too many people lamenting about how things should be and don't mind yourself how to change things and meanings validate your own existence by others sound falling from mouth shriek in the darkness where you worship yourself and glorifying deific phantoms conjured by you foul necromancer. We said it was EVE right, with her maiden soaked mitochondria worship DNA didn't noticed the humming oh machine like the mind but you made he made it she made they all made it like the watch the sky or ground if you prefer. So because of that I took the paper and said to myself how did this write itself? I didn't do it? Right, like the wall is going to stay blew this this book was it or a cd glistening hotter than a match in wetsuits you quite well. Ah at least it's waterproof I wanted to say. Gotta change short change yourself .54c  was is so the table could be you or me or it or that one over there because it ain't no time, table change yourself into relation of the table it's only a table because you are and they were and said to you hey this is table define yourself in relation again because that little part was breathing out the nose it had a throat that was soar the sword that joke you rote where it was that thing with the thing that didn't do things that other things did for identification  D I'd member guest I'm not good at that seeing as the mouth or the mouse click click it was a handful of shapes that said hello there this is what I mean I mean what you thought I mean or did mean or happened to be a really mean person but they also mentioned something about a vampire. Those embers are crackling like the fire forest mountain sun river rain it said rain! We had the snow, you no know? Dump this trash thing right here it's the place or didn't I know that before but it's camera wasn't working that's my mind again damn computer like thing with people that put all these things in here that I didn't ask for light illuminate enlighten start shadow shade afterthought after this that then that other time again.



kent parker was the star child of my school.  Son of the gym and water polo coach bryce parker who himself was alumni school royalty.  bryce had been a star athlete at the school and won their water polo team many championships.  he was awarded the fiefdom of the athletic department and marriage to the head of the alumni association's daughter for his contribution to school morale.  Kent was the product of perfect aryan purity that had slipped through the cracks of time to be unleashed upon the half sized anomalies that populated the island of Oahu.  His flowing blonde hair, long muscular build were a testament to that.  A being bred seemingly for one purpose, and that purpose was volleyball.

Volleyball had been big in Hawaii ever since Dave Shoji became the first Asian allowed membership at the outrigger club.  This volleyball star status and innate physicality gave him the disposition of a lazy tiger. When asked what his interests were beyond preparing for volleyball games the answers would always allude to his need to remain focused on his training and that there would be time for that after he received his education via athletic scholarship to UCLA.  That day did come and as Kent ventured into the world of colliege Volleyball one truth became abundantly clear: there is no white privilege if everyone is white.  Kent was undersized and relegated to C squad where he promptly blew out his knee.  As he needed to remain on active roster in order to maintain his scholarship Kent accepted loads of cortisone shots and Alumni funded Oxycontin so that he could participate on the practice team and be viciously spiked on for the rest of he year. 

This could not last and Kent was forced to leave school and return home to find his parents in a bitter divorce because his mom had discovered she was a lesbian and thought that Bryce was gay as well.  Kent's mom is the one that came from money so Kent went to live in his grandmother's guest house.  There he explored his medically sanctioned opiod addictions, cut free from the tit of the college worm.  He subverted our friends' forum page once dedicated to outrageous party stories andd turned it into a discussion page on new and interesting ways to procure and insert drugs. 

when he was finally disowned he became a fixture on the streets always eager to engage in a sweaty nostalgic journey back to high school.  Eventually he was arrested for stealing spray paint from Lowes.  through a series of parole violations Kent found himself in OCC the most notorious prison in Hawaii.  When I met him upon his release two years later he recounted his tale like this: "Bra its nuts, bra."

He had smoked Spice 68 times and had be in solitary confinement for three months because a gang of Tongs had "Beef" with him.  I looked down at Kent's hand and saw there was a tattoo on his ring finger. 

it said Relax